Graphic Design

Top-shelf graphic and art talent is staffed in-house. That means there are no outsourcing fees for creative direction and implementation. The best skills, all in one place.

G.A.I. Exhibits
G.A.I. Exhibits

Sage Graphic Design Gurus

Available for Hire

Go ahead; try to test our design expertise – G.A.I. Exhibits is up to the challenge! Anchored by a 25-year vet of graphic design trained at Cal State U. – Long Beach, we don’t need to outsource because your solution is right under our roof.

Working with an agency already? G.A.I. Exhibits is a one-stop shop that can coordinate with your team or design a fresh concept.

With countless years of experience directing creative projects, you can trust our trained eyes for what works and what won’t, saving precious time and money in the long run.
G.A.I. Exhibits
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