Pre & Post Show Promotion

Promotion doesn't start or end at the show. Let G.A.I. handle all your campaigns to keep you in front of your customers and potential customers.

G.A.I. Exhibits
G.A.I. Exhibits

We Put the Motion in Promotion

Trade shows offer a valuable opportunity to connect with potential clients, so it’s important to make sure that your communications does not get lost in the clutter. Putting your message out there with advertising and branded content in the weeks leading up to a trade show will align your brand to the event with show attendees.

Pre, post and everything in between, G.A.I. Exhibits spearheads digital marketing and direct mail campaigns around your trade show event to help drive traffic to your booth.

Utilizing and/or building your customer list, we design digital mailers, custom room drops, and even your favorite promotional items to hand out at the booth.

Please throw that stress ball to your booth visitors because working with G.A.I. Exhibits ensures you certainly won’t need it!
G.A.I. Exhibits

Wrap It Up, Buddy

Post Show

G.A.I. Exhibits doesn’t sneak out the morning after while you’re catching some zzz’s. Our post-show wrap-up includes management of leads, emails, messages back to you the client, and any other necessary follow-up.

Handle your own lead generation and management? G.A.I. Exhibits provides a custom nurturing program to help convert your leads into sales.

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