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The craftsmanship and knowledge that goes into all of our projects is second to none in the industry.

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Point-of-Purchase Display

Brandegee Pierce President and Cofounder of Pirani designed and engineered a POP display to place within targeted retail stores. After looking for multiple companies to manufacture, print and cut his unique design he was referred to G.A.I. Exhibits. Much to his surprise he was glad to know that we could produce his design concept under one roof. He wanted to print direct to Rift Cut White Oak Plywood then cut out the shape and the mounting holes required for the hardware. We first printed on the plywood using our HP FB 750 wide format UV printer. Then cut our the individual components using our Laguna Swift MT Router. The finished work was completed by hand. It is a beautiful display and a perfect representation of their companies philosophy and style.


Hyatt Regency Resort

Poolside Cabanas

These cabanas were designed by EDSA Commercial Landscape Architects for Hyatt Regency Resort in Coconut Point Florida. We were recommended by EDSA to build 5 cabanas. A job of this scope would have taken well over a month to build on location using traditional building techniques. We decided to use our exhibit building experience and engineer in a modular design approach that would enable us to build in sections and stage at our facility. Once completed, we palatized and shipped to location where it only took 5 days to assemble ensuring minimum disruption to the hotel guest. If damage ever occurs to the cabanas we can easily remove the modulated section and replace quickly.


That's It

200sf custom Inline Booth

That’s It Company needed a new exhibit and came to us to produce an affordable exhibit that can be converted from a 10'x20' inline to a 10'x10' booth. Se we created a modular frame system with SEG fabric Graphics and custom display counters and floating shelves. The front Graphic is a back lit Graphic integrated into a storage room. The graphic design was created by That's It's creative director. This booth has a modern yet playful appeal that really pulls together their brand identity.


Visa Spa

Rental Exhibit 400SF Island

VISA SPA is an Italian Portable generator manufacturer. They needed to rent a booth locally for the Power-Gen show to save time and cost. We provided them with exactly they needed. We gave them the artwork specs and their in-house department created the design. We printed all the 3mm PVC panels inhouse and applied to the aluminum frame structure. The design was a good representation of the other booths they created around the world.


Orlando Foods

Custom Booth 900SF Island

Orlando Foods is an Italian food distributor for Caputo Flour, Chio Italian Tomatoes, Olive oil and more serving the pizza industry. They came to G.A.I. Exhibits looking for us to build them a cohesive booth that is as protonate as their brand while giving them the space to prep and make pizzas as well as serve their products to their customers. We delivered.



Custom Rental 100SF Inline

Brizo is a new salad dressing company. Launched in 2019. They came to G.A.I. Exhibits looking for a custom booth that would help them stand out from the standard pop up most start up companies use. They also wanted something that was modern and different that represented their unique product and Brand. We produced a simple but elegant and modern booth that met all their requirements.


Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks

Custom Booth 200SF Inline

Werner is a top beef jerky company from the North West. We created a modern/industrial twist on an old barn mercantile style retail store. Using all reclaimed wood panels, galvanized pipe shelving and corrugated tin roof over the meeting area. This brand-scape has elevated their presence at their tradeshows and doubled the interest from buyers.


Brownie Brittle

Kitchen Booth Design 200SF Inline

Sheila Mains wanted a booth that represented a warm and welcoming, friendly place to gather. And where better to gather than the Kitchen where she first created her world-famous Brownie Brittle. A product that created a new snack category in the industry. Our brand-scape is inviting and always creates a venue for business and conversation to flourish.



Rental Exhibit 400SF Island

Bentrei Needed a brand-scape to launch their debut at the International Poultry and Processing Expo (IPPE) show in Atlanta. The goal was to provide an open environment that enabled them to serve drinks and discuss business. G.A.I. Exhibits created a space the felt like an old barn chicken coup with modern accents in the custom bar counter and welcome reception.



Rental Exhibit 400SF Island

OIF is a telecommunications industry association. They are a unique client as their brand-scape is drive purely on functional requirements from its members. So, we have to be very flexible to balance their need for functionality and design. Each year we are challenged based on their requirements and provide a successful solution each and every time.



Custom Exhibit 400SF Island

Impulse wanted a unique Island brand-scape to go with their new branding campaign. So G.A.I. Exhibits delivered. We recreated and island beach hut design using real thatched roofing, Real Bamboo, and real flowers to bring this concept to life. We even added faux tiki torches to frame the entry points.


Enavis Networks

Custom Exhibit 900SF Island

Enavis Networks wanted a brand-scape that was cost effective, completely different and fit their branding strategy “Escape the Hype”. G.A.I. Exhibits delivered with the help from Alex Smith Garden Designs. We recreated a French courtyard style exhibit. We then donated the plant material to the local Habit for Humanity restore where they raised $18,000 dollars from our donation in one weekend. Creating a serenity garden in the middle of a high-tech environment completely stole the show.


OIF - Technology Park

Custom Exhibit 4000SF Island

Just after the success of Enavis Networks Garden Exhibit. OIF requested G.A.I. Exhibits to create a garden booth for their event. We were tasked with not only creating an exhibit but also creating the marketing campaign to promote the Event at the National Fiber Optic Engineering Conference. We themed the campaign “Technology Park”. We created the exhibit, pre and post promotion, collateral, booth graphics and digital campaign. The top 21 world Telcom carriers and 15 top technology providers participated in this event.



Custom Exhibit Rental 1200 SF Island

Samsung Telecommunications. This unique custom fabric design was created to enhance the movement of wireless communications. It was built form an aluminum Skelton structure with a fabric pillow case slip cover. This brand-scape was pushing the fabric form in the early days of this innovative technology.


OIF - Berlin

Custom Exhibit Rental 1200SF Island

OIF wanted a booth that promoted a global network interconnection between the top global Telcom carriers. Presented in Berlin Germany we created fabric globes representing US, Europe and Asia demo stations as the link to the main demo wall illustrating a real time live demo of a global network.



Custom Booth 300SF Inline

Designed to represent a retail store focused on three main areas. Check out, merchandize, and back room. Sequoia wanted to highlight how their products and solutions tied a seamless offering throughout the retailer’s operations. Use of big graphics, interactive kiosks and simple design highlights bring this brand-scape to life.


Venice Bakery

Trendy Pizza Restaurant – 600SF Island

This industrial style booth is modeled after their corporate headquarters in Torrance California It is an eclectic arrangement of mixed materials to bring together and old-world charm with modern elements. This booth is a full working kitchen serving 500 pizza’s a day. With a working staff of 5 people.

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