Design Rendering

Every project at G.A.I. Exhibits begins with a full 3D rendering of your custom booth including materials, carpet, lighting, parts, colors, graphics and more.

G.A.I. Exhibits
G.A.I. Exhibits

From Visualization to Masterful Creation

Impeccable Solutions

No matter if you request a custom design or are choosing a rental solution, we are fully committed to customizing each detail, so you’ll know exactly how your brand will be represented.

G.A.I. Exhibits’ design stage happens before a contract is signed, so before the ink dries, we can both confirm this visual statement of our work. And then we deliver above and beyond!

Following the design stage, our 3D rendering is converted into a production engineering drawing for our manufacturing team to produce your one-of-a-kind exhibit. There, we create an assembly drawing so the labor crew can figure out how to put your masterpiece together onsite efficiently and on budget.

Each phase is undertaken in a 3D environment that can be fully customized to your whim!
G.A.I. Exhibits
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