Dimensional Signage

You don't have to be limited to flat, 2d printing. You don't have to be limited to flat. You don't have to be limited to flat.

G.A.I. Exhibits
G.A.I. Exhibits

Boldly Going into the Next Dimension

G.A.I.’s CNC tabletop router works in concert with our wide-format printer to create 3d signage for your exhibit, retail store or lobby entrance that will knock your socks off!

We can create your logo, lettering and signage from a wide range of materials up to 4-inch thick creating quite an impression in any environment. Need it backlit or as an LED? Yeah, we do that too! Our talented team offers next level creativity and can match your corporate colors to the "T". The combination of our equipment helps reduce production costs saves you time and money. Most sign companies do not offer both of these solutions in-house, but we do. Imagine what we can do for you?

Those that make the biggest statements are the ones that get noticed. So don’t hold back.
G.A.I. Exhibits
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